On a Sunday night, a busy area like Khan Market you really don't expect amazingly awesome food. But, when you have the orgasm-worthy food of La Vie, you reassess your entire life. I was there with another friend, and we ordered Veg Lasagna and Blueberry cheesecake. The tiramisu wasn't available. But, the food was amazing. Bloody brilliant. The place is small and has a live kitchen. The service, the decor was lively and very pleasant. I am not over exaggerating when I am giving it a 5 on 5. At 700 for both the dishes, my pocket was happy too. It seems like the place which would be crowded, though we found seats quite soon. It seems like the perfect Thursday 7pm pasta place.

Sourabh Surana

La Vie in Khan Market a small albeit chilled out restaurant. It is very new. I only came across it recently and I come to Khan market a lot. I learnt that they have just opened it. The service was very good but there were a lot of insects hovering around which could fall in the food but once we over look that the food was freshly made, the ingredients were authentic and fresh and the best past was that the taste was subtle and pleasing. The food arrived hot and was sever quickly.


Great pizza, four goat cheese awe some

Ashish Garg

Great service! Friendly staff and amazing food quality. We ordered lasagne and a blueberry cheesecake and trust me, they were to die for. My friend literally had a foodgasm. Totally worth the price, this place.

Radhika Saxena

It was so delicious!! Staff are also very kind. I'd like to back to this restaurant soon. Bad things is only service charge 10%. it quit expensive. I think all country foreigner enjoy eating these pizzas. Taste is not Indian. We don't want too much spice.

Tomohide Nishigami

Like most cafes of Khan market, La Vie is a great cafe too. Their thin crust pizzas are amazing , the cheese they use is specifically delicious. Their dessert pizzas are a unique concept and are a must try.

Sharanya Narayan

Rated Finding myself with the afternoon free I decided to chill out at La Vie—with an armload of magazines. The longitudinal layout of the restaurant was pleasing with its white walls and simple décor where a live kitchen with its wood-fired pizza oven took pride of place. Studying the menu, I ordered fresh lime soda and 'Insalata Caprese'. The vine tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese drizzled with Pesto was refreshing and flavorful. Tempted by the aroma of wood-fired pizza from adjacent tables, I ordered 'Pizza Casa'. It's addictive flavor of chicken and cherry tomatoes with a spinach-mozzarella-garlic-Jalapeno blend was delicious! An hour passed as I browsed magazines and finished off the pizza. I thought I was left with no space for dessert but the sight of Blueberry Cheesecake was tempting enough to make me change my mind. I'm glad I did—I can't recall having a better one.

Jasmeen G Dugal

Heavenly yum food. If you are fanatically crazy for upper crust / Italian food. This place is a must visit. We ordered In mocktails - Virgin Caprioska and Hot Lips. Both satiated the thirst to its utmost level. In pizza and mains we ordered Peeperon'l'i and Filoncino that were lip smacking and worth ordering again. Their newly launched Choco Burst pizza is the ultimate dessert with butterscotch, Choco chips and vanilla ice-cream served over it. A delight that will finally satisfy each hunger point in your body. Would love to visit here again.!

Aanchal Goel

After waiting eagerly to visit and eat at this place, finally I got a chance after a day full work to look out for some amazing and delicious food at La Vie. The outstanding pizzas of this place, the mouth watering crust, wood grilled taste, the n number of toppings. Made me feel I am eating Pizza at New York,USA. The appetisers were outstanding too. Spinach and Chicken rolls was something very unique in taste. The dessert menu can surely be improved and inculcate new varieties, thereby catering to different taste buds. The place if expanded in locations and price made competitive can intrude into the business of other pizza serving restaurants. A MUST TRY FOR PIZZA LOVERS ????

Shivam Mehta

Happened to walk in because the wood oven caught our attention. Ordered the shroom pizza which was beyond our expectation! Definitely a place to look out for..


Rated I follow La Vie on Facebook and I saw there wonderful pizza update which compelled me to give them a try as I was going to Khan Market last week. This is a small restaurant at Khan Market with a very promising and ambitious owner. The guy has very interesting stories to share about his experience and how he decided to start a restaurant at Khan Market. La Vie has great starters, pizzas, pastas, drinks (no alcohol) and desserts. What I would recommend this place for are the delicious thin crust pizzas.
The pepperoni and pizza milano being the top on my list. Since we were four people we also ordered a cordon bleu, which was the nicest main couse a pizza lover can have. At the end of the day it is all about good taste and La Vie does not disappoint in that department one bit.


Nice place with nice ambience. In terms of food there fruit pizza and la vie da drink was awesome. Don't miss la vie da drink it was nice mix of tomato in a mocktail.

Ankit Sharma

Amazing food! The pizzas which they serve with garlic oil and chilli oil are absolutely mouthwatering. The veg lasagne was full of flavour. We ordered peri peri chicken and grilled fish and both were good. Do no order the mocktails they suggest because they just taste like sprite with a few chillies and jalapeños. Ive been there twice and will definitely go back for the pizzas!

Divyansha Madan